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Take the ChapStick Lip Quiz and Find Your Best Fit

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Wondering what’s the perfect ChapStick for you? We get it. With so many lip products and flavors to choose from, you want to be sure you’re choosing the right ones for your lips and your lifestyle. Let’s narrow things down for you. First, find out what your lip personality is and then we can go from there!

Do you apply lip balm when your lips need some TLC?

Is lip balm part of your pre-party prep?

Do you use lip balm to get your lips date-ready?

I only use lip balm when my lips feel dry.

I’m totally fine with whipping out lip balm in public.

I go online when looking for the latest lip balms.

Lip balm has a dedicated spot in my daily grooming line-up.

What flavor do you love most?

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