The Best ChapStick® for Any Occasion

Posted by ChapStick® on Nov 12th 2020

The Best ChapStick® for Any Occasion

ChapStick® is the ultimate beauty hack: if it’s not already your go-to lip balm for tint and protection, you’re missing out! Whether you’re about to go out on the town, enjoy a date night with your special someone, or you’re taking care of your lips as part of your self-care routine, discover how to incorporate ChapStick® into every occasion for healthy-looking lips.

ChapStick® for Party Time

You do your hair toss, check your nails, and you need to put your lips on! But which color will you choose tonight? Whether you’re going for a full face beat for the gods or something more natural-looking, ChapStick® has something for everyone. Discover fan favorites to celebrate the New Year, Pride, or your best friend’s birthday.

Everyday Classics for Your Handbag

Do you already have a tube of ChapStick® in your purse or backpack? Nothing feels better when you have chapped lips than applying the smooth protection of something like the  Classic Original ChapStick®. There’s a reason that even your grandparents probably used ChapStick® — after all, it’s been around since the 1880s. Not only does it help heal dry lips, but it also helps prevent them!

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, try some of the awesome ChapStick® flavors we have — whether you’re looking for something fruity like   Juicy Grape ChapStick® or a flavor to remind you of your favorite coffee drink, like our   3-Count Coffee Collection, with ChapStick® flavors like vanilla latte, caramel macchiato and mint mocha.

There’s a ChapStick® for All Seasons

Protect your lips during any weather with ChapStick's Active 2-in-1 lip balm that contains SPF 25 sunscreen, and avoid painful sunburns while enjoying vibrant summery scents like wild berry and fresh mint.

ChapStick® for Kissable Lips

Is someone’s smile the first thing you notice about them? It’s likely the same thing for others too! Luscious ChapStick® 100% Natural* Lip Butter is just the right lip balm to keep your smile and your lips kiss-ready. Try it in flavors like  Green Tea Mint or Sweet Papaya. It’s one of the best ChapStick® items for smooching because of the rich, moisturizing ingredients like mango butter, avocado butter and shea butter, and it offers up to eight whole hours of moisture. That’s a lot of kissing!

Daily ChapStick® for Your Lip Care Routine

You have your serums, scrubs and masks for the rest of your face. Treat your lips to the same kind of  attentive self-care by incorporating ChapStick® skincare for lips into your existing skincare routine. After all, lips are the most sensitive skin on the body!

These are just some of the huge selection ChapStick® has to offer. Explore our  Fan Favorites for even more delightful flavors, gift packs and collections that you’re sure to love.