Tips for Building a Morning Ritual for Self-Care

Tips for Building a Morning Ritual for Self-Care

No matter who you are or where you're living, you're probably dealing with stress in some way. Maybe it's an uncertain job or a difficult home situation. There are plenty of stressful situations we encounter in our lives, but there are ways we can take control and make it easier to deal. Self-care rituals are one practice you can start to introduce structure and calm into your life. Add some self-care elements to your morning ritual to help manage stress and anxiety in your life.

Self-care rituals are little habits you can form that help you pay attention to your own needs and center yourself. Try some of these tips to help create a morning self-care ritual

  1. Make your favorite relaxing morning drink

    For this easy morning ritual, make it a routine to make your favorite drink in the morning. Be it tea, coffee or even hot chocolate, get started with a soothing drink you enjoy. Try to allocate enough time so you're not rushing and you have time to sit and enjoy your drink. Feel the warmth of the drink in your hands and clear your mind.

  2. Get dressed and ready for the day

    While this self-care tip might not work for everyone, it can be useful to start your day out productively. Even if you're working from home, getting dressed for the day in clothes besides your pajamas can help you feel put-together. Care for your skin, hair and teeth as well. 

  3. Set up a skin care routine

    A good skin care routine can be beneficial for your skin in many ways. Taking the time to use a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen every morning will have your face feeling refreshed before you get started for the day. Morning skin care routines are also great for removing any impurities that build up while you sleep and protecting your skin throughout the day. After cleaning your face, be sure to give your lips some attention by applying a hydrating lip balm like ChapStick Active 2-in-1 Unscented Lip Moisturizer. Our Active 2-in-1 lip balm is made with mineral-based SPF 25 to protect your lips from the sun while keeping them moisturized.

  4. Meditate or journal

    Carving out just a few minutes to meditate or journal can help you collect your thoughts and calm your mind. This can help you put old thoughts to rest and stay focused on the present. You can look up guided meditations or journaling prompts to get started on this morning ritual.

  5. Get your body moving

    Try exercising for a few minutes every day. This can be as simple as a quick walk around the block or looking up an exercise routine online. Although it might not be fun while you're doing it, exercising can help lift your mood and get rid of excess energy. It also helps keep your body healthy.

  6. Schedule alone time

    For this self-care ritual, schedule in some alone time sometime during your morning. Whether you're an introvert or not, it's helpful to have a few minutes to yourself. Take this time to clear your head, get in a walk, read a book or simply think about nothing. Let this time be for whatever you need. Just make sure to be mindful and purposeful about using this alone time to refresh yourself.

  7. Practice gratitude

    Write in a gratitude journal as part of your morning ritual. Simply think of several things you're grateful for every day. You can write them down in a journal for that purpose or meditate on a few things you're thankful for.

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