How to Take Care of Lip Fillers and Tattoos

How to Take Care of Lip Fillers & Tattoos

Taking care of your lips is likely a routine that you cherish but what about lip care when you've recently gotten a lip tattoo or lip fillers? Such procedures may lead to your lips feeling dry and chapped. Here are our tips on how to look after your lips after lip fillers and tattoos.

How to Take Care of Lip Fillers with ChapStick'®

Lip fillers and lip injections can leave your lips feeling tender and swollen after the procedure. Some people may also experience dry and chapped lips after such procedures as the swelling that accompanies the treatment stretches the lip and because the filler absorbs water from the surrounding tissues.

While it's not always common to experience dryness from lip injections, it's a possible side effect for patients. Shall you be experiencing chafed, chapped or cracked lips, using a thick ointment or a lip balm after fillers such as our Original ChapStick'® might be an option for you. To apply, gently use the ChapStick'® applicator on your lips. Be sure not to rub harshly or lather on in a way that would cause too much friction in the area. Check with your healthcare provider.


How to Take Care of Lip Tattoos

Lip tattoos can be found both on the inner and outer lips. Care for both of these looks different. For inner tattoo care, be sure to receive care information from your tattoo artist and we do not recommend using ChapStick'® products for this instance.

For cosmetic lip tattoos, the healing process can take roughly two months in total, and it will take weeks before you can see the final product. Check in with your technician for recommended care tips. You will likely experience some oozing, swelling, and crusting on your lips, and they will know how to treat such symptoms.

Once your technician gives you the green light to begin using thick ointments and lip balms, consider using our Original ChapStick'® to help prevent and temporarily protect chafed, chapped or cracked lips. Taking care of your lips, no matter the procedure, is an important part of self-care.

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