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  • Does ChapStick® lip balm contain a sunscreen?
    Yes. ChapStick® Classic in regular, cherry, strawberry and mint flavors have an SPF of 4. ChapStick® Moisturizer in regular, Green Apple and Vanilla Mint flavors have an SPF of 15. ChapStick® Ultra 30 has an SPF of 30, and ChapStick® LipSHIELD365 has an SPF of 50+.
  • How is ChapStick® lip balm made?
    The process of manufacturing ChapStick® is similar to following a recipe. A big blender mixes the heated ingredients of ChapStick®. The color and flavor are added, and then the warm mixture is poured into containers. Most of the process is mechanical.
  • How does ChapStick® lip balm work to prevent chapped lips?
    The product forms a specially designed lipid complex hydrophobic base that forms a barrier to prevent moisture loss and to protect lips from the drying effects of cold weather and wind, which cause chapping. It also softens the skin to restore suppleness to the lips.
  • How does ChapStick® 100% Naturals lip balm work?
    ChapStick® 100% Naturals contains seven natural ingredients that function as skin-conditioning agents or moisturizers. These ingredients function to improve the skin condition by their ability to remain on skin surface or to act as lubricants, thereby, significantly reducing skin chapping and flaking. Some of these ingredients also prevent evaporation of water and protect lips from drying and chapping when exposed to wind or cold weather.
  • Which ChapStick® lip balm products are the most popular?
    Our three most popular products include Moisturizer, Classics Cherry and Classics Original.
  • Will any other flavors be introduced?
    Our Company always is researching ideas. Please watch the store shelves and advertising for any new products.
  • Has the product ever been tested on animals?
    Animals are not used to test ChapStick®. Human volunteers do test new products.
  • What is the shelf-life/expiration date of ChapStick® lip balm?
    Most products have a three-year shelf life. Other ChapStick® products have a two-year expiration date.
  • How should ChapStick® lip balm be stored?
    ChapStick® should be stored at room temperature, between 68°F and 77°F (20°C and 25°C).
  • What suggestions do you have for removing ChapStick® lip balm stains from clothing?
    Call a local commercial dry cleaner to see if anyone there has encountered this problem. Perhaps someone already has discovered a solution to the problem. If unable to contact a dry cleaner with a solution, there is another recommendation. It is highly recommended to first test the fabric before taking the following actions on a small, inconspicuous area to prevent further damage to the clothing. Re-wash the article (with a piece of paper towel underneath to absorb the stain) using a degreasing agent such as waterless hand cleaner. Then spray with a detergent and rub the stain continuously for five minutes and rinse with hot water. Repeat if necessary.
  • Can the tubes be recycled?
  • Does each formulation contain any preservatives?
    ChapStick® Classic contains methylparaben and propylparaben. ChapStick® 100% Naturals Lip Balm contains no preservatives.
  • Does the product contain tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds?
    ChapStick doesn’t contain seeds but contains oil extracted from sunflower seeds. There is no guarantee raw materials did not come in contact with these allergens during the manufacturing process.
  • Are any ingredients derived from animal sources? What is the source?
    Yes, lanolin comes from sheep, and white wax comes from bees. ChapStick® Naturals Lip Balm does not contain any animal derivatives.
  • Does ChapStick® lip balm contain any yeast?
  • Does ChapStick® lip balm contain any sulfites?
  • Does ChapStick® lip balm contain any pork derivatives?
  • Does ChapStick® lip balm contain any oats, rye or barley?
  • Does ChapStick® lip balm contain any lactose?
  • Does ChapStick® lip balm contain any fish derivatives?
  • Does ChapStick® lip balm contain any caffeine?
  • Does ChapStick® lip balm contain any aspartame?
  • Does ChapStick® lip balm contain any aluminum? If so, what amount?
    ChapStick® Classic: Yes. It contains approximately 49.92 ug/stick of aluminum. ChapStick® Strawberry: Yes. It contains approximately 179 ug/stick of aluminum. ChapStick® Mint: Yes. It contains approximately 283.5 ug/stick of aluminum. ChapStick® Naturals. No. It does not contain any aluminum.