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6 Ways to Get More Eucalyptus in Your Life

Posted by on Sep 29th 2020

6 Ways to Get More Eucalyptus in Your Life

When you think of eucalyptus, your first thought is probably koalas. But some emerging science on its oil and scent shows it could have some health benefits for humans. Like all essential oils, it shouldn’t be used undiluted. Luckily, there are easy ways to incorporate its refreshing scent into your life!

  1. Decorate a plain canvas tote bag by using eucalyptus leaves to make prints.
  2. Create a year-round wreath using eucalyptus branches.
  3. Boost a bouquet by using the branches as greenery.
  4. Light up a room by wrapping small branches around heat-resistant glass candle-holders.
  5. Turn your bathroom into a spa with a bath satchet.
  6. Wear a lip balm like ChapStick Total Hydration Eucalyptus Mint.

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