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ChapStick® Lip Balm: Everything You Need to Know!

Posted by ChapStick® on Nov 16th 2020

ChapStick® Lip Balm: Everything You Need to Know!

Dry lips are the worst—are we right or are we right? Whether you’re dedicated to a 10-step regimen or you’re a skincare ingénue, a great lip balm is one component of a daily routine that none of us can live without.

America’s Favorite Lip Balm

ChapStick® Classic lip balm is a classic that you can reliably turn to for all your chapped- and flaky-lipped woes. Our  Classic lip balm collection has been around since the 1880s and has earned the iconic reputation of America’s favorite lip balm. Available in four timeless flavors—Classic OriginalCherrySpearmint and Strawberry—our tried-and-true skincare for lips protects and moisturizes.

After over 130 years, we know how to keep it interesting. Our lip experts are always developing exciting new and limited edition flavors -  Vanilla MintCake BatterJuicy GrapeCotton Candy and Pumpkin Pie, just to name a few. Be sure to check out our full collection of Fan Favorites for more flavorful options.

How We Make Our Bestselling Lip Balm

Our story started in the early 1880s with the invention of a new lip care category: lip balm. To make our iconic ChapStick® lip balm, we heat up the ingredients and combine them in a big blender. Next, color and flavor is added to the warm mixture. Finally, this mixture is poured into the containers that are manufactured for your convenience.

The active ingredient in our  Classic line of lip balms is white petrolatum for skin protection. This ingredient is combined with other nourishing waxy compounds including camphor, carnauba wax and arachidyl propionate to formulate our time-tested lip balm.

ChapStick® lip balms are paraben-free and not tested on animals. ChapStick® lip balm is also free from aspartame, fish derivatives, lactose, sulfites, pork derivatives and yeast. Unless your tube indicates an expiration date, ChapStick® is best if used within one year of opening. Store your ChapStick® lip balm at room temperature (between 68°F and 77°F or 20°C and 25°C) for optimal freshness.

How ChapStick® Lip Balm Works

Maintaining healthy lips that look and feel their best is an essential part of everyone’s self-care routine.  ChapStick Classic lip balm helps soften lips and protects them against dryness and chapping. ChapStick® lip balm helps you avoid chapped lips by creating a barrier that both prevents moisture loss and provides cold and wind protection. The nourishing ingredients in our classic lip balm also help soften skin and restore suppleness, keeping your lips in optimal condition for smiling, speaking and eating (and kissing!).

ChapStick® Classic lip balm’s formula provides protection without feeling waxy, stick or greasy. It’s not a bad idea to keep a few tubes of lip balm around so you can apply it whenever you need it!

Finding the Best Lip Balm for You

With so many form and flavor options, it can be a challenge to pick a favorite. If flavor is the most important factor, we’ve got plenty to choose from. Treat your lips to an island vacation with our  Tropical Paradise Collection or keep it simple with the classicscherryspearmint and strawberry. We also have a seasonal collection of Holiday Flavors which lets you enjoy candy canepumpkin pievanilla latte and more flavors all year round.

If you want your lip balm to work double duty as skincare and beauty, check out our collection of  Tinted Lip Balm. Give your everyday look a subtle pop of color and shine with shades like Rose PetalVery Berry and Peachy Keen.

ChapStick® also has  medicated and SPF lip balm available, as well as moisture and hydration lip balm, for lips that need a little extra TLC.

Still can’t decide? Take our  Lip Quiz to find the perfect ChapStick® lip balm for you.