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ChapStick Total Hydration with Mango Butter and Shea Butter

Posted by ChapStick® on Feb 24th 2023

a woman applying lip moisturizer to her lips

The Benefits of the Natural Ingredients Used in ChapStick Total Hydration Products

ChapStick Total Hydration products include a variety of naturally sourced ingredients that can help smooth and transform your lips by keeping them moist. Keep reading to learn what naturally sourced ingredients are included in these products and how they benefit your lips.

What Natural Ingredients Are in ChapStick Total Hydration Products?

The Total Hydration products include natural ingredients such as shea butter and mango butter. All of these natural ingredients help moisturize your lips and keep them healthy.

How Do These Ingredients Help Your Lips?

No matter which product you use, like our Total Hydration Essential Oils lip balms, all the Total Hydration products contain soothing ingredients that are formulated to help you take care of your lips. Our products incorporate hydrating butters and oils, like shea butter, mango butter and coconut oil. Each of these ingredients can help give your lips a smooth appearance.

The Benefits of Shea Butter for Your Lips

Shea butter is a creamy fat.1 It’s thick and solid at room temperature, which helps it solidify ChapStick Total Hydration products. Even though it’s a solid, it melts smoothly when it touches your skin.1 One of the best benefits of shea butter is that it contains fatty acids that can help lubricate your dry lips.1

How Mango Butter Helps Heal Your Cracked Lips

This natural ingredient, derived from the tropical fruit, has the ability to provide emollients for your lips.3 Its properties help soothe, soften and increase your lips’ moisture levels.3

The Benefits of Coconut Oil for Lips

Coconut oil is a natural ingredient that’s been used as a moisturizer for centuries by people living in tropical regions.4 It protects your lips by strengthening the skin barrier to lock in the moisture.4 Using coconut oil for your lips can improve the dryness you’re feeling. You can find this ingredient incorporated in ChapStick Total Hydration products, like ChapStick Total Hydration 3-in-1 Coconut Lip Balm.4

While there are different factors that can dry out your lips, keeping healthy, moisturized lips doesn’t have to be a difficult task. ChapStick Total Hydration products use natural ingredients, that aren’t tested on animals, to help your lips look smooth and feel great.

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