5 Reasons to Add Tinted Lip Balm to Your Night-Out Look

Posted by ChapStick® on Jul 20th 2022

5 Reasons to Add Tinted Lip Balm to Your Night-Out Look

Add a Tinted Lip Balm to Your Night Out Look

Getting ready for a night out? Between choosing the right clothes, shoes and accessories, there’s a lot of things to consider when putting your ‘fit’ together. Whether you’re looking to sport a glamorous look that’s sure to turn heads or keep it fun and casual with comfort over fashion, your makeup choices can be simplified by incorporating tinted lip balm. If you want to make your lips pop with a touch of color while keeping them hydrated all night, a few swipes of tinted lip balm would do the trick. Tinted lip balms are an easy way to show your lips some love before going out to have a good time.

What Is Tinted Lip Balm?

Tinted lip balm is a lip salve that is pigmented with bright colors. Unlike a regular tube of lipstick, these unique lip balms give your lips a more subtle color. With shades of lip balms including sheer pink, purple, dark red and more, you can choose the right color to match your vibe.

ChapStick’s tinted lip balms are designed to nourish your lips while enhancing their natural color. Made with jojoba, raspberry seed oil and other naturally derived ingredients, our tinted lip balm collection is designed to help you look good and feel good when you’re out for the night.

Benefits of Using Tinted Lip Balms for a Night Out

A standard tube of lipstick is good for providing your lips with long-lasting color, but tinted lip balms have their own benefits that make them great to use for a night out. Consider some of these reasons to add tinted lip balm to your makeup routine.

1. They Help Moisturize Your Lips

Moisturized lips are important for maintaining a put-together night-out look. Normal lipsticks can dry your lips out and make them look chapped after use. Both cold and hot weather can dry the air out and seep the moisture out of your lips. Tinted lip balms help your lips look smooth and hydrated while adding the color you desire.

2. They Can Be Used with Lipstick

If you can’t go out without putting on your favorite lipstick, use a tinted lip balm with it to add some moisture and prevent flaky looking lips. It’s great when you match the shade of your lipstick to the shade of your tinted lip balm. If you go with two different colors, you might find yourself creating your own custom shade.

3. They’re Easy to Remove

A long-lasting lipstick can be difficult to remove after a night out, even with a good makeup remover. Most tinted lip balms are easy to wipe off, so you won’t have to scrub your lips too hard, and you won’t wake up with leftover traces of red smudge on your face.

4. They Provide a Nice, Subtle Shade of Color

If a bold, defined lip color isn’t your thing but you’re still looking for some color, tinted lip balms offer the perfect middle ground. Tinted lip balms will give your lips a hint of color that is visible enough to make a statement.

ChapStick Tinted Lip Products to Try

Add a hint of tint with a variety of ChapStick products to help you get the party started. Try some of the great tinted lip products listed below when you want to keep your lips colorful and moisturized all night long:

  • Tinted lip balms: ChapStick has the right colors to match any occasion. Use the Pink Nude and Rose Petal shades to get a fresh pop of light pink, or get a little more playful with Coral Blush. For deeper hues, opt for wine-inspired shades such as Hello Bordeaux and Merlot, or try a deep pink color with Sunset Nude.
  • Tinted lip balms with SPF 15: Going out while the sun is still out? Protect your lips from UV rays while giving them a splash of color with Peachy Keen, Pretty in Pink and Very Berry.
  • Tinted lip oils: Give your tinted lips a glossy finish with ChapStick’s tinted lip oil collection. Formulated with vitamins, these tinted lip oils nourish your lips while providing them with both color and shine. For more sheer color, try the Nearly Nude and Subtle Pink shades. Warm Pink, Midnight Magenta or Blushed Bronze offer richer tints. Try Sheer Plum for a luxurious shade of deep purple that will be sure to stand out.

Finish off a long night out with some deep hydration for your lips. ChapStick’s Vitamin-Enriched Night Serum works overtime to help repair dryness while you sleep. Use this lip oil after removing your makeup to keep your lips feeling plump and supple all night.

The next time you hit the streets for a night out in the town, bring your favorite tinted lip products along with you to give your lips a burst of moisture and color all night. Discover more amazing lip care products and unique flavors in the ChapStick Shop.