Your Guide to ChapStick® Party Favors

Your Guide to ChapStick® Party Favors

There’s no better way to make sure that your party goes more smoothly than with lip balms for everyone to enjoy. All you have to do is pick the flavor and the theme that you like best, then write a special message to go on each lip balm tube. 

Why Personalized ChapSticks Make the Best Party Favors

You’ve gotten your fair share of personalized candy melts and sunglasses as party favor gifts, but why not shake things up a little and present your guests with something they can use every day? Customized candies are a nice treat, but they’re gone in a flash. Personalized lip balms are a great party favor to give out because they’re the perfect size to carry in your bag or pocket and can be used at any time. A fragrant, super moisturizing lip balm with fun designs and a personalized message to remind you of some good times with friends and family is a gift that will keep on giving. Plus, who can ever have enough lip balms? Everyone uses lip balm, and it doesn’t hurt to get an extra tube of lip balm to keep in your car or your work desk. Our customized lip balms come in a variety of flavors like Strawberry Ice Pop that will give your guests more reasons to smile.

Different Ways to Use Personalized ChapSticks as Gifts

Personalized ChapSticks are a great addition to gift baskets in parties. Explore our themes and see how you can give the gift of personalized ChapSticks at your next event.

Baby Showers

Is it a boy? Is it a girl? Whatever your special package is going to be, you’ll want to celebrate your baby shower with the people closest to you and make it an unforgettable day for everyone. A creative way to give out some thank you goodie bags is to take little baby bottles and fill them up with party favors for your guests to take home. You can stick a baby shower ChapStick® in your baby bottles along with other party favor goodies like tea candles and sweets. Our baby shower themed ChapSticks come with three message options ("It’s A Boy!", "It’s A Girl" and "Special Delivery"), and you can write a special message on the back of each tube to thank your guests for coming to your baby shower.

Bachelorette Parties

From bachelorette parties to wedding planning, your besties give so much of themselves to celebrate your special day. Treat your girls with a small token of your appreciation—a party favor that hits the right blend of practical and glamorous so it’s enjoyed by all those unique personalities in your crew. You can have so much fun with these. Customize each individual ChapStick® with your friend’s name on it, an inside joke, or simply the name and date of the bachelorette party. Pass out the favors on their own or include it in a little makeup bag with face masks, nail polish, and other beauty treats.


Don’t give your wedding guests yet another shot glass to collect dust in the cabinet— --instead give your guests customized ChapStick® they’ll actually use. Small, easy to carry out from the venue, and useful to guests of all personality types, ChapStick® hits all the right notes. You can also choose your flavor based on the theme or destination of your wedding/wedding party. Choose flavors like Aloha Coconut to match the beach vibes at your tropical wedding, or get cozy with flavors like Crisp Apple or Vanilla Latte to go with a barn house wedding theme. Customize the ChapSticks with a cute note or a clever pun to remember the special day. It’s also affordable and easy to customize—and with everything else on your plate before the big day, your need affordable and easy!

Family Reunions

One of the best things about ChapStick is it’s a beauty and health product that can be enjoyed by all ages and genders; so it’s a great party favor for multi-generational family reunions. Your 60- year- old uncle can appreciate the gift just as much as your 6-six year- old niece. You can keep it simple and customize the message with your family name, year of the reunion, or include a family motto.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties aren’t complete without a party favor to thank your guests for coming out to celebrate. Personalize Chapstick® to include “Happy Birthday” and the name on it to add a special touch. Pass them out on their own or include it in a gift bag along with other goodies. Young girls in particular love flavoured lip balm because it makes them feel like they’re putting on makeup. For an extra special touch, choose cake batter for the flavor so guests can feel the joy of birthday cake every time they apply their lip balm.

School Functions

From big school functions like homecoming, to specialized celebrations like teacher appreciation day, there’s many reasons you need small custom gifts for teachers and students who impact your family’s lives. For example, if you’re putting together favors for homecoming, you can design it in school colors and include the dance’s theme such as, “Enchantment Under the Sea.”. If you’re designing ChapStick® for a teacher, don’t do it alone. Design it with your child as a fun bonding and teaching opportunity. They’ll get so much joy from giving their teacher a gift that they personalized themselves. Our recommended flavor for teachers? You can’t go wrong with classic green apple!

Gifts for the Holidays

Customized lip balms make perfect gifts for the holiday season. ChapStick’s customized lip balm collection features Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa, New Years and standard holiday themes to add a little holiday magic on the cover of each tube. Want to amp up the good tidings? Choose seasonal holiday flavors like Candy Cane and Vanilla Latte to pack in the sweetness of winter treats, making these lip balms festive on the inside and out. Top your holiday ChapStick off with a heartfelt message to share the joy all season long.

Start Creating Customized ChapSticks

ChapStick® makes customizing party favors easy and fun! Play around with themes, messages and flavors with our customization tool to visualize your creation. Short on time or creativity at the moment? Select one of ChapStick’s pre-designed options to simplify your decision-making further. Have fun and share the #liplove.

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