What's up with the ChapStick® Challenge?

What€™s up with the ChapStick® Challenge?

If you're active on social media, you've probably seen the viral videos circulating. But for those who don't know, the rules of the ChapStick'® challenge are simple: try to guess what kind of ChapStick'® someone is wearing by any means possible. That entails getting up close and personal and smelling, kissing, and sometimes licking another person's lips!

While we're not sure who started the ChapStick'® challenge, we love that people are embracing this lip care essential. Below, we've chosen a few of our favorite videos to check out. If you're inspired to try the ChapStick'® challenge yourself after watching, upload your own video with the hashtag #ChapStickChallenge and be sure to tag us @chapstick!

Joey Graceffa: Joey Graceffa is a popular YouTube vlogger based in Los Angeles who also has a channel for video gaming content. In this video, Joey and his boyfriend Daniel complete the ChapStick'® challenge with a few sweet flavors.

Alex Wassabi: YouTube vlogger Alex Wassabi and YouTuber LaurDIY take on the ChapStick'® challenge with some of their favorite fruity flavors. Watch to see how many flavors they guess correctly!

Best ChapStickChallenge Flavors

As you can see, the ChapStick'® challenge is not as easy as it sounds! When you're ready to take on the challenge for yourself, give it a go with some of our most exciting flavors that are sure to fool your partner.

  • Cotton Candy: Fool your challenge partner with Cotton Candy, a sweet and sugary fan-favorite flavor! Cotton Candy evokes the feeling of summertime at your favorite amusement park or state fair. And if the sweet flavor doesn't win you over, the bright pink tube certainly will!
  • Pumpkin Pie: Bring some festive cheer to your ChapStick'® Challenge with our Pumpkin Pie flavor! Whether you're taking this seasonal flavor out for a spin during the fall or at another time of year, this sweet-and-spicy flavor is a classic that never gets old.
  • Mango Sunrise: Take yourself on a tropical vacation without leaving home with our Mango Sunrise flavor. This sweet and tangy flavor is part of our Tropical Paradise collection and one swipe will instantly transport you to the beach.
  • Sweet Watermelon: Bring a little summer sunshine to your day with Sweet Watermelon ChapStick. This flavor from our I '™¥ Summer collection is a fruity and juicy treat for your lips to enjoy all year round.
  • Looking for even more flavors to try? Shop all ChapStick flavored lip balms here.

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