Lip Oil 101: How to Choose the Best Lip Oils for Your Needs

What is Lip Oil?

You may already be incorporating luscious oils into your routines: from hair care to skin care, oils like Argan, jojoba, and even olive oils are key components to products like hair oil and oil cleansing. But as you may not know, lip care is skin care! Lip oils contain hydrating oils like black currant seed, olive, and sunflower oils to help hydrate dry lips as well as add shine, like a lip gloss. 

A great benefit to using a tinted lip oil over a lip gloss is that it is much smoother to put on'rather than experiencing the stickiness that many lip glosses leave behind, lip oil glides on easily. Lip oil replenishes the lip's moisture while providing the shine that you love.

Is Coconut Oil Good for Lip Gloss?

Coconut oil is often included in lip care products. Coconut oil provide smooth, healthy-looking lips in a variety of scents and flavors. While lip balm doesn't offer the same amount of shine as lip oil, you can easily swipe on a lip oil over your lip balm for the ultimate lip hydration duo!

The Best Lip Oil for Your Needs

Whether you are looking for a hint of color or simply a complement to your natural complexion, finding the best lip oil for your needs is easy. 


Non-Tinted Lip Oils

If you'd prefer a lip oil without the color, then the best lip oil for you will be non-tinted

No matter what lip oil you choose for the day, the best lip oil for you will come down to whether you want a tinted lip oil or a non-tinted lip oil, and which color you'd like for the day. If you can't make up your mind, try out a few different shades as the day goes on, depending on your mood!

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