Lip Care for Men: Finding the Best Lip Balm for Men

Lip Care for Men: Finding the Best Lip Balm for Men

Do men use ChapStick'®? Lip care knows no gender and finding the best lip balm for men is important, too. If you thought a daily lip care routine was only for women, then think again'everyone deserves a set of healthy looking lips, even men.

Lips skin can be threatened by external factors such as sunburn, windburn, and cold or dry air.(i) You might find yourself licking your lips more during the wintertime, as the cool air dries them out, or notice that your lips become so chapped that they are flaking and cracking. There's nothing cute or comfortable about having painful, chapped lips, especially if you're wanting to pucker up for that special someone.

The good news is that any man can care for their lips by creating a simple lip care routine that will help them not only feel good, but look great. We outline a daily routine that can give you happier, healthy looking lips in no time.

Exfoliate Those Lips

You might already have other skincare routines that you do on the daily like applying a moisturizer. Here's something else to add to the list that's simple: exfoliate your lips. 

To use a lip scrub, start by massaging a small amount onto wet lips in a circular motion. Just like washing your face, massage gently so as to not cause any irritation, and spend a minute or two on the lips to ensure you effectively condition them. Once you're finished, use a damp cloth to wipe off the scrub, or simply rinse your lips with warm water. We recommend applying the lip scrub as needed, though you may want to exfoliate on a regular basis to ensure your lips stay well hydrated. Ultimately, the best lip balm for men can be the same as lip balms for women. There doesn't need to be a divide.

Keep the Best Lip Balm for Men on Hand

Though a nice exfoliation every morning may be the invigorating step your lips need, you may find yourself out and about for the day and in need of extra hydration. Here's where a ChapStick'® lip balm comes in handy. Lucky for you, we've got a wide range of lip care products to give you the protection you need. Our medicated & SPF lip balms are perfect for those who spend a lot of time outdoors, either in the blistering sun or biting wind. 

Tend to Your Lips Before You Get Some Zzzzs

Just like you may brush your teeth or wash your face before bedtime, you can incorporate a lip care routine into your nighttime schedule. If you've gone most of the day without applying any lip balm, then you could bring out the lip scrub one more time to exfoliate your lips. This can help remove any dirt or other particles from your lips that you may have collected throughout the day. Once you've given your lips a good scrub, use a ChapStick'® hydrating lip balm to seal in moisture, as your lips could become dry throughout the night.

It's clear that men can have a stellar lip care routine and with a range of ChapStick'® products, you have plenty of options to help you keep your lips nice and hydrated, no matter the season. Be sure to check out our News Nook for articles on beauty tips, lip health, self-care, lifestyle trends, and more. Now, get out there and find a lip care routine and best lip balm for men that's right for you!


(i) 6 Tips to Protect Your Lips from the Cold.

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