Lip Balm vs Lip Mask: What You Need to Know

Lip Balm vs Lip Mask: What You Need to Know

After a long day of work or activity, you may know the exact things you need to help make yourself relax. Perhaps it's drawing a nice bubble bath, making a yummy meal, or even pampering yourself with a lush and rejuvenating skin care routine. Your skin is just as worn out and tired as you are, so why not give it some extra love?
Many nighttime skincare routines consists of applying a face masks, which can help address various needs of your face like cleaning clogged pores and smoothing fine lines. But did you know about lip masks?

There's a wide variety of masks out there like clay masks, which provide a deep cleanse by drawing impurities to the skin's surface as the natural clay substances dry and tighten. You may have even used a peel-off mask, which helps to tighten the skin temporarily. As much fun as a face mask can be, did you know that there's such a thing as a lip mask? Yeah, we know! We're here to give you the low-down on what a lip mask is and how it compares to the lip balm you may already be using.

One of the Essentials of Lip Care: Lip Balm

You've probably been carrying around a lip balm for as long as you can remember. The classic lip balm seems like the simplest step one can take to keeping their lips nice and hydrated. With so many varieties of lip balm out there, you can always find one to meet your needs. ChapStick'® offers a wide selection of lip balm products that help keep your lips looking healthy. There's the ChapStick'® Classic Original lip balm, which helps seal in moisture for softer, smoother lips. 

If you're someone who is always on the go or spending a considerable amount of time outside, then our Medicated & SPF lip balm line may be perfect for you. 

There is no doubt that you can find the perfect lip balm to incorporate into your lip care routine. But there are also products like lip masks available, which can take your lips to the next level. A lip mask is not so different from the facemask you might use on your skin. Just like you would apply a healthy dose of cream to your face, a lip mask works in the same way. Before going to bed, you apply a thick coat of this nighttime serum to your lips to let all the nutrients soak in. 

A nighttime lip serum and a lip balm make for the perfect pair. Not only can you hydrate your lips throughout the day, but you can give your lips a boost while you're catching some zzz's. All you have to do is apply a coat of it to your lips before heading to bed and let the moisturizer work its magic.

There's nothing like giving some love to your lips, seeing as they can be damaged just as easily as the skin on your face. We recommend balancing out your lip care routine with both a lip balm and a lip mask, as these two products work together to keep your lips looking lush. We hope these tips and tricks on building a perfect lip care routine have helped you. And with a range of ChapStick'® products, you have plenty of options to help keep your lips nice and hydrated, no matter the season. 

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