Custom ChapStick Gifts for Teachers

Custom ChapStick Gifts for Teachers

Whether you're planning a gift for Teacher's Appreciation Day or want to surprise your teachers on another day of the year, there's no better way to show your appreciation than with a customized gift. Custom gifts can be expensive, especially if you're giving them to multiple teachers each year, but luckily there are more affordable options to make your teachers smile.

Show your gratitude by designing your own custom ChapStick as a part of your teacher appreciation gift. Give the gift of America's favorite lip balm and remind teachers how much their students appreciate them each time they use it. The thoughtful details of each custom ChapStick make them all the more special.

How to Incorporate ChapStick in Gifts for Teachers

ChapStick makes a great gift for any teacher, especially in the winter months when the cold weather causes cracked, dry lips. Some gifts for teachers tend to include more feminine items, but custom Chapstick is a great gender-neutral option for all teachers, including male teachers.

Your children's school likely has a designated Teacher Appreciation Day, but you shouldn't overlook the other teachers in their lives. Dance teachers, daycare teachers, and sports coaches deserve to feel appreciated too! Because of the affordability of custom ChapStick, you won't need to pick and choose who receives a sign of your gratitude.

  • Fill a mug with treats and surprises. For your favorite coffee-loving teachers, a mug makes a great gift. Choose a colorful design or a 'Best Teacher' mug and fill it with your teacher's favorite candy. Don't forget to add a tube of custom ChapStick inside the mug!
  • Pair with a thoughtful note or gift card. Don't overlook the impact of a heartfelt, personalized note. Teachers can always use words of encouragement! Make your card or gift card even more special by including a custom ChapStick. Include the lip balm inside the card's envelope or tie it on using ribbon in your teacher's favorite color.
  • Add to a gift basket or tote. Fill a gift basket or teacher-themed tote bag with your teacher's favorite snacks and essentials. Include your customized ChapStick with a coffee shop gift card, a scented candle, and a box of candy. Try pairing our Green Apple ChapStick with a real apple for a delicious school-themed gift.

The next time Teacher Appreciation Day rolls around, you won't need to scramble for the perfect gift idea. Explore more articles from ChapStick to find gift ideas and beauty tips.

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