ChapStick®: Discover Our Range of Flavors

ChapStick®: Discover Our Range of Flavors

Your wardrobe likely holds a variety of your favorite outfits for every season. In the summer you rock your favorite pair of shorts, and in the fall you're pulling out the coziest sweater you can find.

Having the perfect ChapStick'® on hand for every time of the year is just as important. Perhaps you need a little more reinforcement in the colder winter months, or you're looking for a product that will protect your lips from the sun. Read on to explore our wide range of ChapStick'® flavors, our new releases, and the delicious benefits that come with each.

Let's begin with the Classics

If you're new to the ChapStick'® family, there are a handful of classic flavors that everyone can enjoy.

  • Classic Original: Our Classic Original flavor is a hydrating lip balm that helps prevent and heal dry, chapped lips. This tube of lip balm dates back over 100 years! It's the lip balm that helped put ChapStick'® on the map and has been around ever since, protecting and nourishing lips from all over.
  • Classic Cherry: This Classic Cherry flavor functions as the perfect base for lipstick and glosses. It helps heal dry and chapped lips, while also giving you that extra burst of cherry flavor and smell that's now become a classic on our list.
  • Classic Spearmint: For the ultimate feeling and smell of freshness, try our Classic Spearmint. Soften and smooth your lips with a touch of mint that feels crisp and clean on your pout.

Fan Favorite ChapStickFlavors

Our family of fans reminds us of the flavors they simply can't live without. From flavors that remind you of walks on the beach, to a baker's kitchen, or even holiday favorites, these are a few of the most highly requested by ChapStick'® fans.

  • Vanilla Mint: We heard you, and it's back! Vanilla Mint has become a fan favorite and we're happy it's here for you to stock up on or gift it to another ChapStick'® lover in need. The sweet hints of vanilla coupled with the refreshing smell of mint make this an irresistible flavor to glide on your lips.
  • Mango Sunrise: There's nothing like a burst of authentic mango flavors gliding on your lips during the summer season. This fan favorite is a sweet and tangy treat for your lips. Help make the feeling of summer last all year long.
  • Pumpkin Pie : Spread the holiday cheer, or keep it for yourself, we won't judge! This fan favorite flavor will remind you of taking out a fresh pumpkin pie from the oven. Enjoy the nourishing feel of ChapStick'® on your lips, but with a hint of holiday cheer.

    Your lips are the most sensitive skin on your body, which means they deserve as much attention as every other part of your body! Enjoy these classic & fan favorites year round.

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