Back by Popular Demand: Green Apple ChapStick

Back by Popular Demand: Green Apple ChapStick

Re-Introducing the Green Apple ChapStick!

ChapStick lovers, rejoice! It's been a sour few years without it, but we're finally bringing you some sweet news as a fan-favorite flavor is placed back on our digital shelves: the iconic Green Apple ChapStick ! We know you've missed the sweet, tangy flavor of green apple in every tube, which is why we're so excited to share this long-loved lip balm with everyone again. Add Green Apple ChapStick back into your daily lip care regimen; with Green Apple ChapStick, you can keep the chapped lips at bay with a swipe a day.


Green Apple ChapStick and Other Warm Weather Flavors

The season of sunny skies and pleasant weather is upon us! With warmer days coming just around the corner, a refreshing pitcher of green apple sangria sounds pretty good to us. But of course, our favorite way to enjoy green apples and other warm weather treats is to stock up on our sweet lip balm flavors inspired by those beautiful days under the sun. The Fan Favorites ChapStick collection features some of the most popular fruits and summer desserts in the form of a portable lip balm tube. Dig into a fresh bowl of assorted fruits with flavors like Juicy Grape ,and Mango Sunrise . For those hot, sunny days, transport yourself to a poolside chair with ice-cold flavors like Strawberry Ice Pop , Pink Lemonade and the three-count Ice Cream Collection pack

Living Up to the Green Apple Hype

What's your favorite way to enjoy green apples? There are so many ways to indulge in the sweet-yet-sour flavor of this delicious fruit. Sometimes a good green apple-flavored candy really hits the spot when you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. Plus, nothing beats the smell and the first bite of a Granny Smith apple pie that's just come out of the oven. No matter what form green apples take, their distinct tart taste always seems to bring back happy memories and feelings of nostalgia. The deep-rooted love for these apples may be the reason why ChapStick fans were so distraught when the Green Apple flavor disappeared. After the production of Green Apple ChapStick was halted, hundreds of people flocked social media and asked us to whisk up more. Their dedication to bringing back the flavor shows how much this flavor really means to true lovers of lip balm. Whether you were missing the bright taste of green apple itself or the smoothness of the balm, we're glad we can reunite you all with a happy feeling from the past.

Now that you've heard the news about Green Apple ChapStick, it's time to spread the word! Celebrate the return of this classic flavor by sharing a 12-count lip balm pack with other ChapStick-loving friends and family. Of course, sharing is caring, but you can also keep the collection for yourself ' after waiting for all this time, you deserve to treat yourself! If you're an avid collector of ChapStick or know someone who is, Green Apple will be a special addition to the collection. Browse through the ChapStick lip balm page to find Green Apple and other fun flavors to try.

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