8 Tips for a Flawless Beauty Routine

8 Tips for a Flawless Beauty Routine

There's no better feeling than applying a perfectly even coat of self-tanner'at least, until you wake up the next morning with bright orange palms.

Just like smudging your eyeliner, finding clumps in your mascara, or getting a smooth application of color on dry, flaky lips, there are some parts of your routine that prove to be more of a challenge than others. With the right tricks, you can save precious time and energy in the morning, and finally show your beauty routine who's boss.


Lightly wiping your mascara wand on a clean tissue before applying to your lashes removes excess product and allows for an even, clump-free finish.

Rather than aiming for precision with your liquid eyeliner, wiggle an eyeliner tip into the roots of your eyelashes to deposit dots of product onto your lashline, then take a small, firm brush (or a clean cotton swab) and trace over your lashline to connect the dots into a smooth line.

Filling in sparse or fair eyebrows can be tricky business, especially when you're working in a dimly lit bathroom when you've barely wiped the sleep from your eyes. The key: After using your pencil, dust a little translucent loose powder over your brows to soften the effect and set the product.


If you have dry, flaky lips, you're doomed in your quest of getting a smooth finish on your lipstick. Before you do anything else, apply a lip oil and let it absorb as you do the rest of your makeup. The oil nourishes parched lip skin, ensuring that when you swipe on lipstick as the final step in your routine, the color will go on evenly and stay smooth longer. 


Wearing thin gloves while you slather on self-tanner will keep your hands from absorbing extra product and turning a tough-to-remove orangey hue. (Just don't forget to apply to the backs of your hands when you're done!)

If your under-eye concealer has a propensity to crease, tap a tiny drop of eye cream on top to keep it moist and smooth all day.


Before starting your manicure, use a cotton swab to apply petroleum jelly on the skin around your nails to keep it from becoming lacquer-stained. (Wipe away once your nails are dry'or massage the jelly into your skin, hydrating and softening your cuticles.)


Do you lose five minutes every morning just detangling your hair? Put it in a loose braid before you go to bed and you'll wake up both tangle-free and with a beautiful light body wave.

Originally published on Shape.com/Strive.

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