6 Times You Always Need Lip Balm

6 Times You Always Need Lip Balm

Life without lip balm can be a pain'literally and figuratively, since dry lips can be so uncomfortable. And certain situations'like when you're outside in the sun or gearing up for an important speech'only make matters worse.

Luckily, a good lip balm can smooth lips in no time, and is easy to fit in anything from a diaper bag to a coat pocket. Here, the scenarios that'll make you sure to have one everywhere you go.

On a Flight

Airplanes are notorious for their dry air, and it doesn't get any easier when you're stuck in seat 23C without a lip balm. Plane air only further parches dry lips'and, for some reason, lip balms aren't offered along with headphones and pretzels.

In Family Photos

A good way to look washed out in a photo: Show off your dry lips as you smile. It's probably the worst way to steal the spotlight in a group pic. No filter or cute frame is going to save that. Swiping a lip balm (on anyone in the family!) helps keep your lips hydrated and looking healthy.

During Date Night

The babysitter's taken over kid duty, the dinner reservation is on the books, and'¦your lips are dry. You can (and should) still have a make-out session, but saliva dries out lips'so prevent that feeling by making sure you've (both) packed a lip balm. Bonus: a tinted balm pulls double duty by providing a pop of color, too!

Spending the Day Outdoors

Spending the day in the water at the beach can be a recipe for dry skin and lips (even if you put on sunscreen. And you DID put on sunscreen, right?). And whether you're having a beach day, off on a family hike, or apple picking, you're in it for at least a few hours'¦meaning it'll be a while before your lips get some relief.

Before Applying Lipstick

The secret to having lipstick that goes on smooth? Preparing your lips by applying a moisturizing base first. Try a lip balm before you apply your favorite lipstick to help get a flawless finish.

Before a Big Presentation

It's hard to feel on-point and at your peak when you're dealing with dry lips. Factor in a lot of talking'like a speech or answering questions'and you've got yourself a not-so-ideal situation.

Originally published on Parents.com/Strive.

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