5 Fun Alternatives to Your Boring Cup of Coffee

5 Fun Alternatives to Your Boring Cup of Coffee

Who wants to drink the same thing every day? Try these fun coffee drinks instead. Plain old coffee might do the trick of waking you up, but it can be a bit boring when you have the same thing every single morning.

That said, the alternatives can seem so out-there (do you really need to order something called a unicorn latte?). Check out these unique recipes that take coffee to a whole new level. Your morning ritual will never be the same.

Greek Iced Coffee: Plain iced coffee is fine, but this is a frothier (and way more fun) version. And you don't even need a blender! Just combine instant coffee, sugar, milk, and water in a jar, screw on a lid, and shake it for 30 seconds (feel free to blast 'Despacito' while you do it). Head here to learn how to whip one up.

Coffee-Banana Smoothie: If you think smoothies need to taste like spinach to be healthy, you're missing out. This delicious version has a secret ingredient, tofu(!), which boosts the protein level and adds a rich creaminess to the final product. 

Coconut Chocolate Coffee Frappe: Coconut is delicious in just about everything'especially frozen coffee drinks. This tasty version has banana, cold brew, coconut yogurt, cocoa powder, and maple syrup for a little extra sweetness. Get the details here.

Peppermint Mocha: When the holiday season hits, nothing beats a cozy cup of peppermint- and chocolate-flavored coffee. Make it for a crowd by throwing all the ingredients'coffee, milk, peppermint extract, hot cocoa mix, and chocolate chips'into your slow cooker. See the complete instructions here. (And if you want to make it all year long, we're all for it.)

Turkish Coffee Float: Okay, so this might seem like a milkshake, but thanks to vanilla frozen yogurt, it's not quite as decadent as it seems. Cold brew gives it a nice, intense coffee flavor while the cardamom and cinnamon add a spicy vibe. Get the recipe here.

Originally published on EatingWell.com/Strive.

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